Thursday, June 5, 2014

Apologies and Blended Learning Update

Well its been a few weeks without a post as I have been wrapping up the school year doing testing, going a little crazy, attending meetings, completing checklists and building my course for next year. Its amazing the things we are capable of when we love doing what we are doing. That doesn't mean every day is a picnic. It just means that everyday I enjoy the challenge. Even when one or two individuals would do their best to keep me down.

Have you ever heard of a flipped classroom?

Another great method of delivering curriculum in a way that is exciting and fun. Many people try to tell me the differences and similarities of flipped classrooms and blended learning. Ummm! Really... Flipped classrooms are one part or could be one part of the blended learning process. You can compare apples, and horseshoes. Well you can! But I am pretty sure the similarities will be difficult to find. Check out the video and tell me what you think below.

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