Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Competitive working environments, Soft Skills, and Social Media Platforms.

My favorite parts of the blended learning environment are many. It truly is a model that works well and creates an engaging environment where students feel challenged on their own levels and gives an educator significant amount of time to make a difference with students who have individual needs. 

One of the other great things about blended learning is it gives me the opportunity to add value to my courses. I don’t have to just stick to the curriculum anymore because the curriculum is only a small piece of the puzzle. 

While my courses are specifically designed to teach a specific job related or life related skill I have the added benefit of an environment where I can teach job related skills also known to us as soft skills. Soft skills are the essential skills employers are looking for from a candidate such as punctuality, work ethic, eye contact and the ability to shake a hand, introduce yourself and dress properly. 

It also gives me an opportunity to teach students about their personal brand strategies. Every year 34% of candidates according to Forbes do not get hired because of information found on their social media page. It saddens me to see such a controllable number as a wall to employment. 

This is a fantastic article and an eye opener and can be found below.

Students can and will benefit from the lessons I teach because they aren’t just about a specific subject areas. They are all related to their ability to be successful in a highly competitive working environment.

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