Friday, May 9, 2014

Digital Learning Systems

There are many Digital Learning Systems, Learning Management Systems and Artificial Intelligence Systems that could make education more effective by proving the educator more time to use on individual student needs.

Edmodo - - Is a very basic Social Learning Platform that is a decent free system that will organize your students work, organize assignments, digitize tests, grading and more. It is great for small classroom management.

OpenClass - A Pearson product. Not much more to say about it. I would not recommend this product based on the lack of updates. The system seems incomplete and is a management nightmare. It does work with Powerschool applications and google apps but is not 100%. I have heard that Pearson is creating a new product that is supposed to be released next year making it the 3rd Learning Management System that I know of from Pearson.

Schoology - - If you add Edmodo and Openclass together you have Schoology. Schoology is the LMS that I recommend. It is user friendly for both teachers and students. Works with Powerschool and google apps and has a nice simple social-like platform. Some have said that, "this is the facebook of education." I personally believe this system to be very well put together and best of all it seems to have a hard-working, dedicated team of developers putting it together. Since my life revolves around blended learning I found schoology to be that product that maximizes my individual student interaction. Because of schoology I get to spend more time with students. I would be happy to look at more if you would like to recommend one please send me a message.

Questions Received:
1) Doesn't this remove the classroom learning atmosphere and place emphasis to online learning? Yes as a matter of fact it does to a certain degree. First it is a fact that online learners out pace face to face students in learning. Second utilizing the system allows me to concentrate on other important areas during classroom interaction such as real world employability skills. Third this system gives a digital platform which students today are more comfortable with. It has a social look and feel which is a comfortable setting for them. 4) If creates an engaging environment where students are partially learning online, partially learning in class through assignments, and partially learning in group and individual discussion. Positives for the school are that it reduces the amount of printing, toner, paper, and equipment costs.

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