Friday, May 16, 2014

Teacher Reach

When you hear the term teacher reach you think about the number of students that you can reach. For some; that might mean adding more students to a roster to maximize the number of students you teach.

On the other hand teacher reach in my vision is the number of students you can engage, and "reach" with your program. Differentiating instruction isn't just about assignment modification for students who are more advanced or less advanced in a specific area. Differentiation is about variable delivery in my opinion.

                             Self Paced Online Delivery
                       +   Individual Classroom Work
                       +        Group Classroom Work
                       + Group Classroom Discussion

I want to reach more students meaning instead of 15 out of 25 students mastering the standards I want 23 out of 25 mastering that standard. The variable delivery of instruction is what makes this possible. My time in High School did not go well I admit it but because I was a better self-paced online student I earned honors graduation in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. It was because I was able to learn in a way that interests me. Students in my classes will be exposed to several different instructional methods for similar materials. The materials will all be standard related.

In the end, as I increase the success of my course I hope to take on a higher number of students in hopes of developing a higher percentage of successful young adults.

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