Monday, May 5, 2014

Blended Learning - How to get the most out of your Teachers and the best out of your Students.

As a first year teacher I have learned a lot of great and wonderful things but nothing more important than the early discovery and implementation of a blended learning environment. There are many different definitions of blended learning and they all incorporate one or more of my beliefs of what blended learning is. Please understand that my definition isn't the only definition but it is the one that I believe fits the best.

"Blended learning is the combination of a digital learning environment, online learning environment, classroom learning environment, group learning environment and individual learning environment that completely differentiates the instruction given to students and gives them the ultimate opportunity to learn the concepts being presented."

My favorite part of blended learning is the time it gives me to work 1 on 1 with students at their level on the things they find most difficult. The reason I believe so strongly in this method is partially because of my personal difficulties in High School and partially because of my initial experiences as a High School teacher.

The blended learning environment allow curriculum to be delivered in several different interactive ways. It creates an environment where questions are easy to ask and material is easy to understand. Just today I spent about 15 minutes of my class just answering individual questions in a group atmosphere. I come from the corporate world where employee engagement is and essential part of the employees success and what I am finding out is that students are not much different. The more engaged they feel and the more attention they receive the better they do.

I hope you learn from my blog and most importantly I hope you will share your personal experiences as well as your methods with me. I am always looking to incorporate new methods.

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